Rehabilitation – Day 145

1 Day left before surgery = Day 198 since injured.

Today has been a bit strange really, waiting to get all my jobs sorted after an hectic week.

Friday was no different than Thursday – the list of things to do just grew longer and longer as the day went on. I managed to complete the majority of the list, but have left a few things to tidy up by my work friend/colleague – Michelle, to do for me.

Saturday was the important and much needed lay in bed to catch up with some sleep. Teain bed and a little TV made the morning more relaxing and a little less stressful. After a quick food shop, hair cut and then a spot of lunchin the local cafe – I returned home to have another ‘Catnap’ as was tired.

The list of jobs to be completed later today has got shortened so that I can have an early night before attending the hospital at 7.00am on Monday morning.

Food shorted – Check.

House tidied – Check.

Ironing done – Check.

Bedding changed – Check.

Drinks bught – Check.

Transport arranged – Check.

Spare Key hidden – Check.

Bag packe – Check.

Only things left to do now is wait and keep on twitching with nerves for the time to book in.


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