Rehabilitation – Day 143

Countdown = 3 days to go to surgery and 196 days since injury.

Today wasn’t an easy day at all. Long and totally stressful, multiple additional jobs added to my already long list of ‘Things To do’ today. Started off fine, quick rehearsal with the kids for their Leavers Assembly tomorrow. Then agreed to buy them toast each for helping me set-up the Sports Day equipment on the school field. Added to this was the setting up of the mats for the outside Picnic for the whole school – all that before lunchtime.

In the afternoon I then became the new ‘Pink Lobster Man’ with my sun burned neck, face, legs and arms – no suncream put on – ooopppsss!!!

Tonight after a debrief of today’s events, I managed to get to the gym to chat to MarK Mcg & Alison – seen as I won’t be around there for a while. Alison was her usual chatty self and Mark McG told me how he has sustained a knee injury too now and is in much pain.

Anyway on a positive note … tomorrow is my last day in work until September at the earliest, so I hope to have an easier day – Yeah Right!!  Can always dream.


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