Rehabilitation – Day 139

Countdown = 7 days to go. (192 days since injury.)

Spent most of today relaxing and having ‘Cat Naps’ because I’m still so tired. Just preparing for next week is hard enough – expected long busy days and late nights are not my favourite things to look forward to.

Little visit from Edgie today, gloating about going for a 10km run this morning. Good chat about plans for after my surgery and getting back into training in the weeks to come. Then he blew it all…..   texting back later that he was bored and gone for another 5km run – little git!!!!

Despite doing very little again this weekend, I am still getting grief off Neil (the knee) and it is keeping me awake at night too. Thought it may have been down to the warm nights but nope – it poured down last night and I still didn’t get much sleep. As for tonight, I think that I will be watching another late night DVD or reading a few more pages of one of my books.

It’s been about 16 days since I last managed to get some training done and it feels like much longer. I’m at the stage now where I’d just prefer a phone call to go in ASAP….  stuff the inconvenience or that I’m not fully prepared yet. The pain, the nerves and the prolonged wait are kicking in too much. Once it has been done then I know what I can or can’t do, how long I’ve got left and how to cope with whatever the injury holds for me.


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