Rehabilitation – Day 137

Countdown to surgery – now 9 days to go. Hit the 190 days mark today too since the injury.

Long days and late nights have taken the toll again this week. Jumped on to taking the full amount of painkillers to easy the grumblings of Neil (the knee). Doesn’t last longthough before it seems like time to take some more.

Work is getting ready for my early finish next week – ensuring that I have done all of my expected tasks before friday. That won’t be as easy as it sounds though – too many things to do and not enough time.

Received a nice text from Alison (from the gym) this morning asking how I was as she had not seen or heard from me in a few weeks. She sent my regards to the others and will see how I am in a week or two.

So the plan for this weekend is simple, as much rest and chilling as possible. Maybe even a little sunbathing if the weather is good enough. I’m not going to put myself in any difficulties either – next week will be more than tiring in my view.

Although I have been on a countdown for a while, I am startingto get butterflies and the nerves are kicking in. I have been asking myself if I have sorted everything out that I need to do – food, spare key, contact details etc ….  so it won’t be too painful when I’m home. The biggest concern for me is my use of the toilet – staying upstairs or sleeping downstairs. Either location is going to give me a challenge.

Speak again soon.


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