Rehabilitation – Day 124

Countdown to surgery = 21 days to go.

Woke up early this morning still feeling tired and needing an extra few hours in bed – so I stayed there longer. When I eventually got out of bed – 10.15am, I had missed a text from work….  glad I did because it set me up for the #JustLeaveMeAlone hashtag again. Talk about stressing you out when you are meant to be off.

So it was time to go to the ‘Anti-Stressing’ home of mine – the gym. I needed to tire myself out quickly again to prevent me stressing all day. Only one thing for it!!!  The 60minutes Static Bike Time Trial Challenge again….  that really does tire you out very quickly. I managed to do 29.5km on Level 3 within the 60mins period. I was pleased with that, but it wasn’t my furthest to date. (Not far off though). Shower, chilled for a few hours and watched some TV this afternoon.

Then I went and did a food shop and a look around for a new knee support as the current ones are less effective and getting too loose to wear. Bought one that is much bigger and clearly is a proper knee support.Is a little uncomfortable for now but will be worth getting to aid me over the next 3 weeks. Then is will be a full knee brace from the hospital.


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