Rehabilitation – Day 122

Surgery Countdown = 23 days to go.

After a long and extremely stressful day today, sorting out problems created by others who #Don’tKnowWhatThey’reDoing – I was very pleased to get to the gym tonight. Alison’s Circuit Training Class was going to seem like a breeze in comparison.

How very wrong I was. Alison had taken note of my bravado about using heavier weights for tonight’s class, introduce 3 categories for some of the exercises – Light, Heavy and Heavier (directed at me). The class was another hot & humid session and the bright sunshine reflected through the windows and caused ‘Blind-Spots’ for some of us in the class. I completed her challenges, the majority of which where the same as the other members – Squats/Twists/Lunges/Highknees had to be adapted my me. I focused on upperbody strength & core work for these adaptations.

At the end I had a little chat with Mark McG (PT/Manager) and asked his about some exercises that I could possibly try to do to focus on my Quads in both legs – but needed to isolate them without out pressure/force through my left knee (Neil). He is going to have a look at some, but said I may find I can’t do them. Worth a try.

I am looking for an early finish tomorrow too so as to do an early training session and then relax.


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