Rehabilitation – Day 121

Well I have started the count down to surgery – 24 days to go …. Seems like forever as I have been injured 175 days so far.

Monday was going to be a rest day after my efforts doingthe 60 minute Static Bike Challenge on Sunday. That really did take a lot out of me and I felt far more tired than usual after training. As it turned out I didn’t get home from school/Residential Trip until 10.30pm Monday night so no training.

Tuesday was just as long and tiring too, so I had that as an extra rest day.

That just leaves me with today and my early shoot from work to ensure I went to the gym tonight – no matter what!! I got a little bit of pain from Neil (the knee) today, after walking quite a fair distance unexpectedly. This set me up for a lot of discomfort and pain but I stillmanaged to go training.

The gym was very busy and extremely humid tonight and I had to set myself up for some Cardio training – trust me when I say it was ‘Hot’!! I did a 30 minutes Static Bike Time Trial again – Level 3 gradient and completed 14.4km. Wasn’t my furthest but was my most difficult so far. A 5mins rest and a drink and then a 2nd Static Bike Challenge – less speed being the focus on Level 1 – 9km in 25mins. Was actually meant to be a cool down but I forgot!!! A further 5mins rest and another drink before I ended up on the Cross Trainer – 16mins and I managed to do 4.1km.

Not much in the form of extended training but combined with the heat/humidity, I was pretty well tired and drenched in sweat because of my efforts.

Looking forward to Alison’s Circuit Training Session tomorrow night – plus I have asked for heavier weights anda little bit more difficulty in her class. Now that will go down like a lead balloon with the others tomorrow – LOL!!!


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