Rehabilitation – Day 118

Woke up this morning and went for the Sunday Newspaper to read with my breakfast. Nothing new there for my sundays, but still meant I was fed up and bored too early. So what to do for the rest of the day? The obvious thing being going to the gym and training and then what? A quick food shop for the next few days would also tide me over for an hour.

Up and at them, as the old saying goes. I went to the gym to see it a little busier than normal and some new members ‘Toddling along’ on the machines. My favourite Static Bike was not being used so I decided to set up for that. Looking around I could see that I needed to perhaps do a little bit longer than usual on the bike, as the other machines – Treadmill, Cross Trainer and Stair Stepper/Climber where all being used.

Oh well I’ll just have to challenge myself again. What will it be this time? 20mins, 30mins or 45mins? Nah too easy lets go for the full 60mins this time – just see how far behind #bradleywiggins I actually am!!! The usual routine, setting the bike up for me, #SmoothRadio on and ‘Bubble World’ focused on the floor/pedals. A little bit of math calculations would get me to set the targets – 4km in 10mins x 6 lots = 24km for the hour. Or 7km for 15mins x 4 lots = 28km for the hour. Hmmm – would all depend on the pace of the 1st 4km I think. Anyway a distance somewhere between those figures would be very good considering I hadn’t done the Hour Challenge for 7 months.

Off I went at my usual pace of between 2mins 30secs and 2mins 15secs for the first 4km – less than 9mins it took. The Challenge was on!!!  For the next 40mins I was working hard at a pace of 2mins 4secs per km to keep on track – reaching 20km in 41mins 20secs. Although it was really hard going I still had a bit left in the reserve tank. I completed the challenge and amazed myself again recording a distance of 29.85km in the 60mins. A great effort and well ahead of my higher target distance of 28km. I have been able to do 30mins at under 2mins a km but felt that this would bo a target too far. On working out the average timing of 1km per 2mins 2secs I was well chuffed. I managed to do the last 20mins faster than the 1st 40mins and set a New PB for the Time, though just 150m short of the distance averages per km.

Blowing my Lungs out again.

Blowing my Lungs out again.

After that effort I called it a day in the gym – Cardio had been improved and I deserved a rest for the remainder of the day. It was time to go home and enjoy my Hot Lobster Bath and a treat.

Lobster Bath and treats.

Lobster Bath and treats.

Now I am giving Neil (the knee) a worthwhile rest as I chill and watch some sport on TV.

Neil (the knee) having an afternoon nap on Claire (the couch)

Neil (the knee) having an afternoon nap on Claire (the couch)


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