Rehabilitation – Day 115

Serious rest time needed for the past two days – Neil (the knee) definitely worked too hard on Monday evening in the Static Bike Challenge. Although I felt really tired afterwards, it was a good feeling to have. The problem was the next few days when Neil (the knee) decided to get his own back on the rest of my body….   not good!!

Now that I had rested a bit, I thought that I could go back to the gym for Alison’s Circuit Training Class – big smile as I knew what to expect and felt that it was just about right for me to join in. WRONG!!!!!!  About 20mins in to the 45mins session Neil (the knee) took a strop!!!  He wasn’t too happy at the impact I had earlier in the day at school – jumping up to catch a ball during KWIK-CRICKET with my class. Then landing straight legged on my injured left leg. The poor child that hit the ball looked worried as I cringed in pain and called him over. I was in complete agony and just wanted to cry!!! (I told the child NOT to tell the Head or I would be in trouble.)

So as you can tell, the impact of some of the exercises has again aggrevated Neil (the knee) again tonight. But did I stop, did I heck as like!!! Now I am suffering the consequences as a result of my continuing the class. (Alison knew something wasn’t quite right too – I was being too quiet in her class.)

And what of tomorrow’s little escapades at school? Will I survive the whole day without being found out of am I in for another telling off? Will blog the answer tomorrow.



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