Rehabilitation – Day 112

Well after my efforts from Saturday I needed a rest day yesterday (Sunday) because Neil (the knee) was fine but my legs ached too much. I hadn’t realised that my Cardio was working over time and this was challenging the rest of my body. So I decided to watch Bradley Wiggin’s #TheOneHour Challenge on TV. His efforts not only rewarded him with beating his targeted distance but enabled him to set a New World Record – #AwesomeWiggo

Today it would be my turn to be inspired and to attempt another New PB in 2 days. Currently I have 14.41km in 30mins on the Static Bike.

So this is my efforts – bearing in mind I have one good leg….

The STATIC BIKE CHALLENGE  – Target for easy is 10km –medium is 12km hard is 13km and MONG DNA is 14km+ and a New PB would be 14.42km+.

Derek was training in the gym tonight and he wanted to do the Treadmill and some running – counted me out straight away so everything was ok for me to go for the Static Bike Challenge again – except for one little minor issue. The Heat in the gym was really hotter than I would have preferred, even with the fans on, it was stiffling.

I prepared the bike settings for me – low seat so not to straighten my legs and fastened both my feet into the pedal straps to prevent them coming out and injuring Neil (the knee) unexpectedly. #SmoothRadio music on and my ‘Bubble World’ approach was set. I had been setting my self target times of 2mins 15secs per km to achieve 14km previously and found that to be a bit of a challenge in itself. To improve today I would need to go even faster which had additional risks for Neil (the knee) and the biggest worry was my feet coming out of the pedal strap at speed.

As you can tell I am constantly re-assessing timings and distances during each challenge, focusing on what is needed to improve – even if only by a few seconds or a few meters.Data is important to enable you to keep on track and to really aim to be successful.

Off I went at an amazingly fast pace for me – 1st km was 1min 59secs, too fast I thought to myself. But then I remembered what Bradley Wiggins said on the TV last night – his first blocks of time are always faster than he is comfortable with – it’s the adrenaline rush everyone gets when trying to improve. I expected the times to settle down to about 2mins 10secs per km after about 5mins, but no they stayed just under 2mins for the next 10km. At the 20mins time block I had achieved 10.17km, my fasted time yet. I knew at this point that I was on track to produce another New PB of just over 14.50km and the feeling was so powerful that I just wanted to go faster, longer and smash this distance.

Now for those of us that train hard and always want to improve, the last few minutes, miles, reps, steps etc …  are the worst time of your life – especially if you are unsure of just how close you are to the achievement. The doubts started to creep in to my head and my lungs wanted to burst, as I gasped for every breath with each rotation of the pedals. (I was aware of another member on the bike next to me looking a little bit puzzled as I tried to increase my cadence on the bike. It was a welcome distraction from trying to ignore the time/distance on the bike’s monitor.)

Then, just as I felt I wasn’t going to complete the challenge, the time was up and my data was recorded in stone. Dare I look or would I be disappointed at falling short right at the end? I unstrapped my feet from the pedals and tried to stand up. My legs where like jelly and my heart was pounding harder and faster than it had done in a long time. But still I looked at the floor and doubted that I had been successful. There wasn’t anything else left to do but check the data displayed on the monitor.

Static Bike Challenge number 2 in two days resulted in my achieving yet another New PB of 15.30km in 30mins, smashing the previous one by 900m. What was even more of a surprise to me was that I had completed this on Level 3, compared to Level 2 for the previous attempt.

This is broken down to an average of 1min 58secs for each of the 15km+, which meant I had also knocked off 17secs for each 1km on the previous times. I was so pleased with my efforts tonight that I couldn’t stop grinning afterwards. Alison, Mark G and Paul D – all PTs in the gym just looked at me and laughed as they shook their heads. They also congratulated me on my efforts. Derek, on the other hand, just told me to stop sitting on the floor (recovering) and to warm down on the Treadmill. I then spent 15mins doing a form of inclined Power Walking to enable me to get my breathing back to some sort of rhythm. (Notice I said rhythm rather than normal.)

You know when you feel good after training because you still talk or reflect about what you have done. In my case I try to make this a short lived experience, but one that I must have at the moment, because it gives me the motivation to improve more. I know that compared to my pre- DECEMBER 2014 efforts and fitness I am probably achieving about 60%/65% of my results  – this does disappoint me a little. Then I remind myself that I am working with only one good knee and the very fact that I am even attempting to train at such an intensity is a reflection on my #MongDNAGenes – as my family and friends constantly referr to.

All the time and effort I put in to building up my strength and muscle groups will aid my recovery much quicker after surgery. I can’t injury Neil (the knee) any further so it is just a matter of ‘Pain Management’ at the moment. Surgery will come soon enough and then my battles will really begin – many of them will result in some sort of failure. Though not as much of a failure as it could be if I don’t train.


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