Rehabilitation – Day 110

Nice early start to training today – after reading about some of my Twitter Friends enjoying their own Personal Challenges this day. So Well done to them for inspiring me to get off my ‘Butt’ and to challenge myself……  not that it needs much to entice me along that path.

So this is my efforts – bearing in mind I have one good leg….

The STATIC BIKE CHALLENGE  – Target for easy is 10km –medium is 12km hard is 13km and MONG DNA is 14km+

Same old routine of getting myself into my own ‘Bubble World’ of listening to #SmoothRadio  – all the soppy songs if my mind. Then off I go and pedal like mad to get into my regular pace. Usually the 1st 1km is around 2mins 30sec pace and I aim to improve that over the 30mins duration. (Quick calculation will show 12km is a comfortable distance.) Now every so often in the challenge a new member would start their own ride, which as previously stated is like a new ‘Racer’ for me. I focus on looking at the floor and the speed of their feet in an attempt to beat them whilst they are on their bike. I successfully completed my own personal challenge and increased my Static Bike distance by 0.5km over 30mins. – knackered now  and the MONG DNA kicked in with a New PB of 14.41km. Wonderfully proud of myself for that!!!

New PB on the Static Bike Challenge

New PB on the Static Bike Challenge

Because of my effort I had to rethink my training session a little bit – cutting out the ‘I will beat it this time’ STAIR CLIMBER/STEPPER knowing that I would really struggle again on that today. I went and had a play on the Cross Trainer for 10mins and completed 3km – not too much of a distance but still good enough for a Cardio workout.

I concluded today’s effort with a pleasing little weights/reps 15mins until I ended up smacking myself in the face with the Lats Pull Down Bar – ouch on the poor old nose!! At home I enjoyed my protein shake and Hot Lobster Bath before doing my weekly food shop. Lots of healthy food and no sweety treats this time.

Neil (the knee) having an afternoon nap on Claire (the couch)

Neil (the knee) having an afternoon nap on Claire (the couch)


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