Rehabilitation – Day 108

Have spent the last two days struggling with my efforts at the gym…..  Yesterday was fine to start with and I was happy doing  New PBs on the Static Bike again, on the Cross Trainer and as well as lifting some heavier weights with Derek again. He was moaning again and I just carried on ‘UPPING’ the levels on him. Then to try something new too. It was the STAIR STEPPER, a machine that you just step as though you are climbing up a set of stairs. Easy I thought looking at it – how very wrong I was!!!

I have to confess that after going on it for a short 10mins period, I had only managed to climb 363 steps and was absolutely struggling to breathe and my heart rate was too high. I didn’t feel that my fitness was an issue more that my technique was a problem. I was definitely BEATED by this machine. I asked Darren (a gym PT) to have a lok at the machine because I believed it was not working properly. But Darren said it was just me!!! Either way Neil (the knee) was most upset at my efforts and made sure I was aware of his grumblings for most of the night.

Tonight I went and had a play in Alison’s 45 mins Circuit Training class as usual on a Thursday. Tonight though I felt the pain and tightness in Neil (the knee) again whenever I tried to push through to do a leg exercise. Alison even had to lower the impact level for one of the exercises for me – that was a first as she usually adapts her session to increase the difficulty. she could see I was struggling too much.

After her class I needed to try and release the stiffness in Neil (the knee) and I again went on the Static Bike for a 15mins effort – it quickly took the tightness out of the muscles around Neil (the knee) and I relaxed into the pace – setting a New PB of 6.62km in 15mins – Good Job!! Then the storm clouds came over me again – the STAIR STEPPER was laughing as me, well not really but in my head it was. I decided to try and improve my technique again on it – but only for a 2mins period. This time I had Dave (anoth gym PT) watching me for so to offer advice. He also saw that I was struggling on it again and couldn’t understand how little I was achieving with the amount of effort I was putting into it. That shortened the session and was the end of my training tonight. Once again this STAIR STEPPER had beaten me!!!


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