Rehabilitation – Day 106

Went to the gym last night and trained with my gym buddy – Derek. He was moaning and groaning about his arm/shoulder hurting and it made me feel like a whimp too. We both appear to have a similar muscle injury to our right shoulder. Didn’t stop me training on the weights or lifting heavier weights than him – No Pain No Gain!!

We did a lot more than usual on the weights/reps circuits we have – focusing on Bicep/Tricep areas and for me, increasing the weight to newer levels. After we had completed the reps I decided to go on the Cross – Trainer for a very quick speed attempt. How far could I do in mins was the question I posed myself. Simples was the expectations, as I couldn’t do much in that time frame. Or so I thought!!! I managed to do 2.05km in the 5mins and was amazed at this because I anticipated about 1.4km would be good. I suffered afterwards though, with my heart pounding, lungs coughing up and legs like jelly.

Tonight (Tuesday) I am having a ‘Rest Day’ as I do honestly believe yesterday took more out of me than I expected. Neil (the knee) was quite restless during the night and gave me a disturbed sleep. This meant I was tired during the day today and a bit achy.


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