Rehabilitation – Day 104

Got the same soreness in my right shoulder again today – most definitely a muscular problem. Used the ‘freeze Gel’ after my Lobster Bath last night and it eased a bit but by the middle of the night it was aching and causing me more trouble than Neil (the knee) was. This morning I used a ‘Heat Pad’ to try and gain more movement in my shoulder. It seems fine and I am able to lift weights but don’t want to push it too soon. So cardio training again this morning and a longer time to recover.

I focused on yesterday’s Cardio exercises of the Static Bike & the Cross Trainer, targeting an improvement on the distances covered in the same time frame. Today it was Alison’s turn to watch over me as she was on duty. I get the usual ‘don’t over do it’ chat from her, but she knows only too well that I take no notice of her. After a little bit of a chat I outlined my intentions of beating yesterdays achievements – Alison rolled her eyes and just laughed at me.

Phase One – the Static Bike being my first focused attempt. Good thing was that not many members where in at this time so I could choose any of the bikes.(There’s always one that everyone likes!!) So off I went into my ‘bubble World’ of listening to #SmoothRadio and looking down at the floor/my feet. The tracks today are quite fast because I flew through the target of 9.15km easier than I expected. I set myself another New PB of 9.68km in the 20mins time frame – increasing it by 0.53km. (Alison just looked at me an shook her head before she again told me to take it easy.)

Now for Phase Two – the Cross Trainer.By now another member was using one of the Cross Trainers so I got on the one next to him. He was going to be my pace setter, but he didn’t know it. I went into ‘Bubble World’ again and focused on the floor, checking every now and again that I was ‘as quick’ if not ‘quicker’ than him. This was more of a challenge than I expected because I was feeling far more tired than earlier – maybe the Static Bike pace was too fast and had left me too tired to go any quicker. Or was I working too hard too soon on the cross Trainer? I was sweating like a river, dripping off my face to the floor and the pain was starting to get worse – not in my knee (Neil) but in my arms – the right shoulder. With only a few minutes left to go I decided that I had to carry on no matter what, pain goes away after a while. Not getting a New PB means I would have to start all over again tomorrow. That wasn’t going to happen. With my heart pounding in my chest and my lungs gasping for air I completed the 15mins session – Just!!! I looked at my distance and was surprised to see that I had achieved another New PB on the Cross Trainer. Yesterday I managed 4.40km but today I improved it to 4.65km (0.25km increase.) Again Alison just shook her head and said that I was ‘Old School’ when it came to training. It wasn’t worth training if you don’t put 100% into it – or in my case attempt for New PBs. In a way she is right I don’t do training to go through the motions. I train hard or until I know I can’t do anymore than I have done.

I had actually reached this point today – my training had taken so much out of me that I was too tired to attempt the Phase Three – Rowing Machine. My right shoulder was now aching again, my heart still pounding and lungs bursting. I couldn’t cool down quick enough to recover for an attempt. My mind was saying have a break for 5 mins but my body was saying I needed a longer rest. That reminded me of the conversation I had last night with my eldest son Tom, about achieving New PBs each time I go to the gym – they aren’t really PBs if you beat them each time. I sort of understood his logic but for me if I beat my Best then I have a New Best. It’s not about beating it every day, more about beating it at any time. That way I can see progress in my training – be it time, distance, reps, weights or any other form of assessing my fitness levels. To be fair I am nowhere near my fitness levels of NOV 2014, when I trained properly. But each day I go to the gym I get a little bit stronger (I think I’m about 60% fitness level) than the last time. Building up the strength in my knee (Neil) and improving my Cardio/Strength is the target for a quicker recovery after my surgery. I am told that the work I do now, before the surgery, will ensure that I am able to get back to my proper training quicker. That is the only reason I train so hard and so much.

For the remainder of today I am going to relax and do some gentle ‘Wiggly Toes’ stretching and see if I can bend/straighten Neil (the knee) any further today. The stretches are working and giving me more flexibility and mobility. I just need to work on the strengthening part so that I can apply force/weight through my knee (Neil.)


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