Rehabilitation – Day 103

Woke up this morning with a really sore right shoulder muscle – thought I may have been laying on it or caught a draft in the night. Anyway, after adding a little bit of ‘Freezing Gel’ I decided to take my gym session a bit earlier today.

I did a little bit of a stretch on the pull up bar, just to see if I could loosen up my shoulder but it didn’t help much. So I just got on to following my usual routine and started on the Rowing Machine – aim being 2km in around 9mins 30secs – arms only. My pace started off really well but shortly after reaching the 700m distance I felt my shoulder tightening up rather quickly. I was getting concerned about not completing the 2km so I focused on a little bit of speed to complete 1km only. I was pleased at the time for the 1km – 4mins 22secs, which was only 4secs slower than my previous best – without an injury. That was it for that exercise and I decided to stop doing any weights at that point too. No real benefit in injuring myself any more than my knee.

That was going to put a bit of a dampener on my session today. Or was it? I re-evaluated my plans for the session quickly, turning the negative into a positive. No weights would mean that I could focus on my cardio today, giving my shoulder a rest and still putting as much effort as I could into my training.

The Static Bike was going to get another forced effort today but maybe not for the usual 30mins. This time I would aim for speed rather than distance. I set the time for 20mins (my previous PB for this time was 8.1km) and felt that I could beat that today. Off I went in my own little ‘Bubble World’ listening to my music and focusing on the technique of not pushing through my left knee (Neil). The 20mins flew by really fast I thought and I achieved my target and gained a New PB of 9.15km (an increase of 1.05km over the previous best.)

Now that I had my heart pumping fast and my breathing was heavy I looked around the gym for another Cardio exercise to do. I spotted it in the corner, one that I had not attempted EVER!!!! It was a Cross-Trainer and I had watched other members struggling on it over the past few weeks. I had no idea what would be a good time/distance/effort and felt it might be a little bit too much for me today. I started off at a steady but comfortable pace – reaching 1km in about 4mins 50secs. Although it wasn’t too hard I was finding the rhythm a bit of a challenge and my balance was unsteady. But ‘Hey Ho’ as they say, no pain no gain so I increased my pace and adapted my positioning on the machine. Now I was flying and in the end I did 15mins time period and achieved 4.40km distance. At the end of doing that I was really blowing my lungs out and my heart was trying to burst through my chest. Even if I say so myself, I DID really well on the Cross-Trainer.

Blowing my Lungs out after using the Cross-Trainer for the 1st time.

Blowing my Lungs out after using the Cross-Trainer for the 1st time.

So today’s efforts have enabled me to  achieve Lol!! 2 New PBs and a 3rd missed by a few secs. All cardio today so no weights which will give me more targets to try and beat.



I am now looking at trying to increase the muscle around my Left knee – Neil, before I go fo my Op!!! The one thing that I have never had has been skinny legs. This injury is most definitely causing a big loss of muscle to BOTH legs.

Lobster Bath and treats.

Lobster Bath and treats.

I really do love this part of training – the Hot Lobster Bath and a treat of sweeties and a cup of tea.

Tomorrow’s session is already planned out and my aim is to repeat the Cardio exercises again, but only if my shoulder muscle is still sore.


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