Rehabilitation – Day 102

Decided to have another relaxing morning today in preparation for another attempt at a New PB in something tonight at the gym. On reflection I would be quite limited on my efforts/attempts tonight, as the Static Bike target was almost at my maximum yesterday, the weights are limited on the exercise machines and the Resistance Bands – well they are just minimal input.

So I just went out for the Static Bike – 30mins = 13.58km on Level 1 (which is kind of an easy level) but I still had to do it with only one leg’s worth of effort. This was about 310m slower than yesterday ( 20secs in time – ish) so wasn’t too disappointed because I am now constantly in the 13.5km+ distance.

Quick change of exercise saw me playing with the Big Dumb Bells – 30kg in weight. I tried a new exercise of laying on the floor and doing single arm presses (3 x 8 x 30kg for my left arm. But I hurt my right arm so I did 3 x 8 x 25kg on that side.) This wasn’t as easy as I thought so I changed the focus area to my Left knee (Neil) and used the resistance bands for front knee bends, straightening, reverse bends etc …. whilst holding on to the framework for balance.

To finish off I did my usual Rea Deltoids, Bicep Curls – single arm/double arms and then a further play on the lighter weight Dumb Bells on the incline. These are the easier exercises but they still hurt after doing the heavier weights.

Now time for my favourite part of the training – the Hot Lobster Bath. Nice long soak, cup of tea and if I’m lucky a couple of biscuits as a treat.

Evening meal was good too – spicy Chicken, salad, sweet potato and veg.

For the rest of the evening I will be relaxing Neil (the knee) on Claire (the couch) whilst watching some TV.


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