Rehabilitation – Day 101

This should be a short post today as I haven’t done too much different today. I attended the gym for Alison’s Circuit Training Class and we had lots of Members present tonight – a few new participants and it made it much more fun. As usual Alison showed everyone the different exercises that she had set up for us to do – offering differentiated forms of each exercise – weights, techniques and alternatives for me. I continued to have my usual banter with her and her dad, about the circuits getting easier each week …….  most definitely not !!! Then Alison throws in some of the more heavier weights, just for me!!!

Now don’t get me wrong on this point, but I love using my Under Armour/Compression kit which makes me sweat more than if I didn’t wear it. But it does have it’s drawbacks with retaining the sweat/water. I’ve started to get ‘Sensitive areas’ under my armpits and groin areas because I have been sweating a lot there and trained hard. For the last 3 days of training I have come home red raw and sore. The hot bath ensures I clean these areas well, but then the next day I have the same problem again. I think I will give wearing them a miss for the next few days.

After my Lobster bath tonight I was doing my ‘Wiggly Toes’ stretching exercises whilst sat on the floor. Then I noticed that my left knee (Neil) was less defined in the muscle development than my right and not injured knee. My left calf, thigh muscles are also much skinnier than my right leg. Of course I understand the reasons why they are different but it did come as a shock for me to actually notice it straight away.



So straight after training tomorrow I will book a chat with Mark McG and see if he can suggest any ways of increasing the muscle development of my Left knee before I go for the surgery.  I know I will be limited, but I have to try something whilst I am waiting.


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