Rehabilitation – Day 100

I must admit that I am pleased with myself today, as I didn’t think that I would keep blogging up to the 100 days mark – which is today. I have the bug to blog about what I have been up to and earlier today I was reading through some of the earlier postings
I had made. Seems so long ago too, but the same theme has continued throughout the past 100 days – Humanising inanimate objects to give ownership to my blog.

On a similar note, my competitiveness has not prevented me from attempting new exercises or difficult activities. I have managed to adapt my routines to enable me to do my best. Like today again – although I did not achieve another New PB on the Static Bike. I had set myself a target of 13km+ for a 3rd day in a row. I met the target by completing 13.89km for the exercise, but was disappointed that I was 60m less than yesterday (equating to about 5 seconds slower). In actual fact I was trying to break through the 14km distance but was 110m short today (about 11 seconds slower), which I now know is an achievable target sometime this week. To be fair one of the Lady Members (Jody) was on the Static Bike next to me and I was subconsciously racing her without her knowing – but I think she had an indication.

I concluded with the usual Upper Body Weights/Reps routines and continued to increase the weights being lifted – reps have been dropping down from 20 to 15 because of the heavier weights.

Tonight when I got home I had a little bit of good news out of the blue, regarding my Op date for Neil (the knee). Yesterday I was given a date 7 weeks off and was a little bit disappointed and sent an email thanking them for the date/information. I also requested to be considered for any cancellations at short notice, as I had been struggling recently. To my surprise I received a very nice reply back from the Appointments Lady and she has put me on the Cancellations List and felt that I had a good chance of the date being brought forward because I had given them an ‘anytime’ option.

So now it is just a matter of waiting and if I don’t get a cancellation then at least I know that my turn will still be in 7 weeks time at the latest.

Here’s to the next 100 days of blogging and hopefully so proper information about my ‘Post-Op’ Rehabilitation rather than the stuff I am currently posting to build up my fitness for a quicker recovery.


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