Rehabilitation – Day 99

What was my news today then?

– given a surgery date – 7weeks away. How to celebrate – a New PB on Static Bike – another 0.89km further.

The reason for the #sadface is simple, I was expecting a date sooner rather than later!!!  But like most of the issues relating to Neil (the knee), things have just been going on for so long that nothing surprises me anymore.

A few facts:

1.  I have had this injury now for 150 days in total.

2.  Last saw my GP 132 days ago when I was prescribed pain killers and told would probably need surgery.

3.  Have seen the physio-terrorist on 2 occasions – receiving NO treatment whatsoever but told needed surgery.

4.  Had an MRI Scan 84 days ago – told then would need surgery.

5.  Saw the Consultant 36 days ago and told needed surgery and put on ‘short Notice’ list for surgery.

6.  Was informed today that I will be listed for surgery on 13th July 2015 – in another 49 days time if not changed.

7.  In total I will have been injured for a total of 199 days and only received painkillers as treatment – prior to having surgery.

God Bless Our NHS !!!

So to celebrate my good fortune I decided to train harder than usual in an attempt to get the frustration out of my system and try to get back to some sort of normality.The normality part failed miserably but the training worked well. I improved my PB for the Static Bike again for the 2nd day running – a total of 4.42km improvement over the 2 days too.  I managed 13.95km in the 30mins time period and increased my cardio too.

That to one side, I completed my Upper Body Weights/Reps routine and came home to a Spicy Chicken & Sauce with Sweet potatoes. Now I’m relaxing and looking forward to my Hot Lobster Bath too.


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