Rehabilitation – Day 98

I must admit that this morning I enjoyed an extra hour or two in bed, without the worry of ‘Needing’ to get up. It set me up for the rest of the day and gave me time to plan my activities, rather than just being impulsive as usual. A read of the morning paper with a nice cup of tea was the first order of the day and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the sports news – if I ignored the fallout about my own favourite team’s poor performance that is!!

Breakfast eaten, digested and fully fueled meant it was time to go to the routine of my favourite place – the gym. I was planning to increase my cardio today and possibly improve my Time/Distance on the Static bike. So off I went and found my good friend the Static Bike, waiting patiently for someone like me to have a play on it.

Now previously I had just about managed to cycle 30mins, which was a gradual build-up from 5mins to the 30mins over 3 weeks. The distances covered rose from 1.5km through to 9.5km as the time increased – this isn’t anything too significant to shout out about but merely a guide for me to work with. I had focused on a 1km per 3mins pace, again now excessively fast but comfortable to get Neil (the knee) moving and building up the muscles around it, without causing too much pain that I had to stop.

Well the Target Distance for the 30mins today was 10km or just over and I was feeling good, relaxed and no aches from Neil (the knee). A quick look around the gym and I could see a few Lady Members going through their own routines and I thought that I would just go into my own ‘Bubble World’ of my music and pedal away. So off I went on my merry way, looking down at the pedals as I worked hard(ish) and focusing on not applying too much force/pressure through Neil (the knee). Now this is the best bit….  because I went off into my own world I didn’t bother too much with looking at the RPM or the Distance covered as much as I usually do. I just pushed the pedal(s) with my right leg and focused on my left leg not being jolted. I was feeling more than good. My heart was pounding and I could feel it under my ‘Under Armour’, as the sweat started to roll down the side of my face…..  it was like I was in a race against myself. Then ‘SHOCK!!’ ‘HORROR!!’  and even more surprise when the 30mins timer started to show me a cool down. I had finished and the time had just flown by. I hadn’t just beaten the 10km target but smashed it into the 13.06km distance ……   a New PB by over 3.52km for the same period.

a New PB by 3.52km

a New PB by 3.52km

After I had finished smiling at my achievement I realised that I had shouted ‘YEAH!!’ loudly in the gym and the Lady Members had turned and giggled at me – what a wally!!!

Prior to my injury, around November 2014 I was regularly able to cycle for a 60mins period and reached distances of between 36km-38km, both on the flat or on Hill Climbing settings and that felt good. But today was something special for me, I had managed to train at about 60% of my capability WITH my injured knee and I can felt the ‘Buzz’ again. It is like a drug and once you have had it, you want more.

I finished off my session with the usual Upper Body Weights/Reps, but that was just routine and didn’t mean as much for me. Now tomorrow I will be more realistic in my training session and have the ‘Light Workout’ that Mark McG keeps telling me to have. I have got to give Neil (the knee) time to recover after today’s efforts.

The reward of a hot cup of tea and a long ‘Hot Lobster Bath’ made today feel like I was on a high. For the remainder of the day I have sat on Claire (the couch) and relaxed – even managing to have a power nap mid afternoon. I have finished my ‘Wiggling Toes’ exercises and knee stretches so I can look forward to another good night’s sleep hopefully!!


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