Rehabilitation – Day 97

Well after taking a few more rest days to recover from a long and busy week – because Neil (the knee) wanted to play grumpy pants again, I decided to go to the gym yesterday morning to focus mainly on my cardio – Static Bike. I have been slowly building up my time & distance on the static bike, sometimes forgetting that I should not be doing too much or going too fast. I just tend to do the bike until I find that Neil (the knee) gets tired or grumpy. Usually he gets tired first and then grumpy later when I’m relaxing.  Bit of a catch 22 situation really. I need to train to build up my leg/knee muscles ready for the recovery period after the surgery. But at the same time I’m not allowed to apply force/pressure through my knee so I end up exercising my Upper Body & ABS.

After the session yesterday I was treated to a fantastic, if not long, day out to a Music Festival – #SoundCity2015 in Liverpool. It was two of my work colleagues who took me out of my weekend routine of resting/vegetating on Claire (the couch) and getting bored. Thanks for the great day out – Jan & Michelle. This was the first time I had been to a Festival and I was really excited at going – even if I had no idea of the majority of the bands. Found some very strange, but liked the sound of several of them too.

Arrived back home in the early hours of the morning, which was good because Neil (the knee) was well unhappy with me being on my feet all day/night.

Today I have just relaxed, rested Neil (the knee) and done some light stretching. I have had a well chat with a very nice friend of mine, we share some things in common and it helps to keep us both sane/smiling. (Thanks Ms Cat).

Tomorrow it will be up early and out to the gym – to burn off all the calories I added yesterday – Extra-Large Hot Chocolate drink with a flake, whipped cream & marsh mellows  – had two of them – shhh!!!


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