Rehabilitation – Day 94

That’s another 4 days since my pre-op ran out apparently!!! Still no news about when I will be getting a date for them to fix Neil (the knee).

Last 2 days have been the same old issues of a lack of sleep, constant pain/ache from Neil (the knee) and now a clicking or tightening of Neil (the knee) after standing or walking for a while. Add to that the lack of exercise for the past few days and I get the distinct impression that Neil (the knee) is less than happy with me.

After a long day again today I managed to get to the gym tonight – Alison’s Circuit Training Class, which is a 45 minutes session of Upper Body/ABS/Weights for me. The usual members turned up and watched me sitting out the running circuit for the warm up. I just do some leg stretches and the much needed Knee/Leg raises and then fit into the circuit exercises when they are about to start. I’m sure they think I’m just skiving because I put a lot of effort into the actual exercises.

After the class I go and do some cardio on the static Bike or the Rowing Machine. Tonight it was the Static Bike’s turn to get a hammering for a change. Setting the bike seat and pedal positions is a little bit time consuming but it is worth while – as I can work at a higher rate. This is because I do not actually push through my injured left knee (Neil) or straighten my left leg during the pedaling. It is much more difficult for me using the power from one leg (the right leg) but I still manage to get a good sweat on and raise my heart rates. Tonight I completed 6.54km in 15mins on the Static Bike at Level 1. Not exactly World Record Achievements, but for me it is a much needed improvement in this exercise and enables me to set more new targets.

Rest of tonight will be sat/laying on Claire (the couch) and relaxing for a bit.


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