Rehabilitation – Day 92

Needed an extra ‘Rest Day’ yesterday as Neil (the knee) was his usual grumpy self and this meant I was in pain for most of the day. Had a hot Lobster Bath and a chill day with Zak (my youngest Son.)

Today however, was a bit of a strange day in school. Neil (the knee) was playing up most of the morning which meant I had to take some more painkillers around 1.00pm. But as usual I forgot to take them, meaning Neil (the knee) was at his worst by then. When I did eventually take the painkillers I was feeling physically sick and had to go out of the room for a minute or so. Eventually they kicked in and I felt much better by about 2.00pm.

So tonight I went to the gym for the 1st time in a few days and met up with Derek for some upper body work. We had a little bit of a play with some different exercises -ABS work mainly, throwing the 10kg medicine ball up in the air about 5 feet whilst balancing with your feet/legs raised. A sort of Crunch position – balance wasn’t too good though, but still managed to do them – lol.

The usual weights/reps and ABS workout was not much of a challenge, as I am getting use to them so it is becoming easy again – this means time for a change again. I also did you long arm pull ups again – which impressed me again. So that will be a focus over then next few sessions. The Static Bike is also getting more use these days as I have worked out the settings on the seat/pedals which means I can do a gentle workout for my cardio – without applying any pressure/force through Neil (the knee). The only problem with it though is that my cardio is at such a low at the moment, that I get really tired quickly. Mark McG watched me doing a short session on the bike last week and told me off 3 times, as he didn’t think I should be doing it just yet.

The rest of tonight has been me watching the recorded TV shows that I have missed over the past 3 weeks – a bit of catch up time.


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