Rehabilitation – Day 90

Been an awful past 10 days due to long hours at work, very little sleep, too much pain and Neil (the knee) just being a right grumpy thing.

I’ve managed some training over the period, but not as much as I would have liked. Achieved new PBs on the Rowing Machine and lifted heavier weights than expected. ABS work is getting left a little bit as I am finding it really difficult to get a balanced base to work from. I’m either too top heavy or just simply less able to keep my feet/legs in the right position when doing the Russian Twists. However I have managed more Dips & Press Ups than I thought, so can’t be all that bad.

My Upper Body strength has increased significantly – for me anyway, and this has enabled me to lift much heavier weights that I had previously attempted. There are small signs that I am getting much bigger in the Arms/Chest as my shirts are getting much tighter there. I have put about 10kgs on weight on in the past 5 months, which initially I thought was just around my waist. But to my surprise it was more on my Upper Body so I am less concerned about trying to lose it now.

In recent months I have struggled to do a ‘Pull Up’ and this was due in part to my own body weight. Trying to lift your body weight off the floor wasn’t something that had been part of my usual training prior to my injury. However, out of the blue I tried to do one straight after one of my training sessions and was really pleased to say I managed to do it – ‘Shock Horror’!! I was so amazed that I did it again straight after to prove to myself that it wasn’t a dream – lol!!

Now, as for Neil (the knee) this is another long story, but I will shorten it to a few sentences. This past week Neil (the knee) has been at his worst, keeping me awake most nights or getting me up around 3.00am in the morning for a hot Lobster Bath to try and relax the pain. Sometimes it worked other times it just meant a very long day for me. In fact Neil (the knee) has given way on me twice in the past 6 days – which can’t be a good sign either.

The ‘Pre-Op’ that I did when I went to see the Consultant runs out in 2 days so I have the feeling that my date for surgery isn’t going to be in the very near future or that I will need another ‘Pre-Op’ assessment again. No news on that front either way so just biding my time and waiting for the call/letter.

As for the next week or so, I am hoping to survive it without any further incidents of Neil (the knee) giving way again or causing me too much pain. I’m getting low on the pain killers so I may need to make another appointment to see the Doctor.


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