Rehabilitation – Day 80

What an amazing turn around of the day. Woke up this morning struggling to get out of bed and back to work. Neil (the knee) was playing up again during the night and I had a much disturbed sleep – about 3 hours in total. Then off to school and the same problem of Neil (the knee) wanting to take all the attention and give me grief. I managed to ensure everything was done before I left school – a display to highlight the forthcoming General Election.

I was feeling quite rough on the way home, tired from the long day but also just a bit ‘off’ – not sick though. I got home and sat for about 10 minutes to get myself sorted and to plan my next move – gym of course but still gave myself a little bit of ‘Me’ time. When I got to the gym I was starting to recall the events of the day, the frustrations and the outright lack of clarity with 3 teaching days to go before SATS. At least 8 of my class didn’t even bother to do the revision homework I set them, so I reminded them not to be upset in July if they didn’t get the Level they expects – just be upset at not doing their work.

So the Rowing Machine was going to get it tonight – big time and with an eye on achieving a new PB. I worked hard using only my arms and all the effort was rewarded by me knocking off a further 13 seconds off my previous best time – equates to traveling and extra 35m in the same time period. I completed the 2km rowing in 8mins 18secs – Nice surprise too.

Static Bike - New PB

Static Bike – New PB

Next it was my attempt at improving on yesterday’s distance achieved on the Static Bike – which is set at a minimum pace, as I can’t push through my left leg without causing pain to Neil (the knee). Again a new PB by increasing the distance traveled by another 850m – 5.22km in 15 minutes on the flat. Finally I was talking to one of the other members and was challenged to a 1km sprint on the rowing machine – fastest time wins. I was only able to use my arms, but the other member was able to use both arms & legs. Of course I was the fastest of the 2 of us, but also I achieved another new PB of 1km in 4minutes 08secs.

3 New PBs tonight.  Well chuffed.

3 New PBs tonight. Well chuffed.

So my training session tonight was fantastic and well worth the time going. I concluded with the usual weights/reps on the weight machines and my favourite Russian Twists & ABS work.


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