Rehabilitation – Day 79

Had my last lay-in before the end of the Bank Holiday and back to school tomorrow. It’s going to be a busy week too, as it is the last week before SATS.

Plan of Action for today was to attend the gym and do an easier than normal session because yesterday Neil (the knee) was aching all day and it made me feel a bit sick. I went back onto the painkillers again yesterday so to ease up some of the discomfort.

Like all good plans, they sometimes don’t do what it says on the tin. I started off with the Rowing Machine and the usual tempo of 2km distance, arms only, in under 10mins – which I achieved in 9mins 33secs and is my 2nd fastest time – Ooopps!! For a change I decided to try a little more Cardio on the Static Bike at a slow(ish) pace for me. I increased the last efforts by 1.04km in the same time – 15mins I managed 4.37km distance. Not bad considering I have only been on the bike 3 times since injuring Neil (the knee). The remainder of the session was on Arms/Upper Body Weights and ABS – the usual exercises but with increased weight/reps.

Static Bike effort - slow(ish) pace

Static Bike effort – slow(ish) pace

An apparently 'Light' session.

An apparently ‘Light’ session.

Then time for home and my favourite part of the training routine – a Hot Lobster Bath, cup of Tea and some sweeties, whilst I chillax and listen to #SmoothRadio.

Lobster Bath and treats.

Lobster Bath and treats.

I think that tonight will be an early night ready to go to school tomorrow. I’m not sure what the day will have in store for me and I’m hoping that it won’t be as manic for the children as it has been for me the past couple of weeks.


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