Rehabilitation – Day 77

Enjoyed a bit of a lay in this morning and boy did I need it. A much better sleep during the night but not sure if it was due to me being really tired or the fact that I don’t recall Neil (the knee) hurting as much….

Anyway, up and a bowl of cerial for breakfast, a read of the paper and then changed forthe gym. Isn’t it funny when you know you are going to the gym, but still feel sluggish to get ready to go – looking for another 5 minutes before getting ready or another cup of tea etc ….  As soon as you put on the Under Armour, it’s like changing into the ‘Superman’ trainer inside you.

I missed the busy time in the gym so it was pretty quiet for me to do any of the exercises I wanted to do. I started in the Free Weights Studio and decided to have a play on the Weights Rack – usually have someone spotting for me if I try to lift heavier weights (for me that is). I told Mark G – the PT on duty – that I was going to try and improve my basic Bench Press weight so that he knew I may need to be watched sometimes.

I then text my eldest Son – Tom, and he was also training at his home. That was the first mistake this morning. Now Tom, Zak (my youngest) and I have this ‘competitiveness’ DNA Gene and we don’t ‘DO’ just training. See now Tom gave me an indication of what he was hoping to achieve, which was a little bit heavier than I had planned to lift, so I just had to lift me and do more reps – that would just be polite to do. So we did the competitiveness via texts and kept pushing each other. I stopped at 1x 7 reps of 84kg, which was in fact about my 10th sets of 7 reps. This basically meant that my arms are tired and I was reaching my limited so I stopped. Tom did other stuff and Squats with weights, which I’m not allowed to do until after surgery, but I did go and have a slow play on the Static Bike for 15mins.

I concluded my session with the usual Russian Twists and Leg/Knee raises/bends and some Press Ups too.

A new way to do some weight training - by text.

A new way to do some weight training – by text.

The Weights Rack - new toy for me to play with.

The Weights Rack – new toy for me to play with.


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