Rehabilitation – Day 76

Not happy again with Neil (the knee) today – he most definitely didn’t play fair with me at school. Getting to the point were I just want the hospital to ring and give me the date for surgery now. Gone beyond managing the pain into the ‘too much pain’ stage. Starting to prevent me from doing simple things like going for a walk, standing for a period of time or doing any leg exercises at all.

After a long day again at work, focusing on the next 10 days and getting the children ready for SATS has taken a lot out of me over the past few weeks. It is leaving me with limited sleep and restless periods of time. Thinking about going the gym to destress is becoming a problem now, as I am so tired some times that I don’t have the energy to train anyway. In the past 2 weeks I have had about 4 ‘Rest Days’, not because I couldn’t be bothered to train. I have not been physically capable to do it.

On the days that I have trained, I have more than made up for these extra days off. Like tonight again. I had the mindset of doing more weights and improving my upper body strength, thereby tone up my chest and arms. I did the usual 2km Arms Only Rowing Machine in 9mins 45secs, which isn’t my fastest time but good enough for me. I started off at a 5mins 20sec pace for the 1st km and then increased the pace to 4mins 25secs for the 2nd km – got the old heart pumping quite fast and the breathing was rapid in the end.

The next routine of ABS/Upper Body exercises had to be adapted because of some of the ‘Bigger Members’ being on the exercise machines. This only motivated me to see if I could match their routines of weight lifted times by number of reps. Don’t know why I was feeling impressed with their efforts, as I do more in my own routines.

Mark G, the PT on duty, had a little educational chat with me and gave me some sound advice about how I could achieve better results than I currently was achieving. He listened to my routines and the fact that I was lifting much heavier weights now, but feeling as if I was not achieving much in return. His wise input just showed me that I was actually building more muscle – hence the weight increase, rather than me just getting heavier through my eating habits. He pointed out that tonight I had increased my weight lifting by 33% for the same number of reps – which in itself is an amazing effort. He recommended that I now increase my weights/reps to match these new achievements.  –  Thanks Mark G for the motivation.

I may not appear to be getting bigger in my back, chest and arms, but the tight shirts are not down to me getting fatter from the food I eat.

Weight lifting increases by 33% - not bad.

Weight lifting increases by 33% – not bad.

So tomorrow is another day and I will look to start working on Mark G’s advice. Maybe I won’t need a little ‘power nap’ in the morning, like I did tonight before I went the gym – lol!!


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