Rehabilitation – Day 75

The days seem to be getting longer and longer – which makes Neil (the knee) extremely grumpy during the day and restless in the night. Must be averaging about 3 hours undisturbed sleep a night at the moment. No matter what time I go to bed, I still end up being awake too early. Today I over-slept a little bit and struggled to get to work in time.

Neil (the knee) is making driving more difficult too. The pressure needed to apply to the pedals is causing discomfort even before I get to school. This in turn means I am starting to limp/hobble more during the day – will the pain increasing over the time I am walking around school.

Tonight is Alison’s Circuit Training Class and I do enjoy pushing myself in her class. Lots of variations in the exercises that help me to train, without applying pressure to Neil (the knee). She also keeps an eye on what I am doing and then tells me off if I do too much or exercise wrong. Her class was the usual 45 minutes long and we had more members in the class tonight – that meant a more difficult routine as Alison increase the number of exercises.

Aft her class I went into the ‘Free Weights Room’ with her dad – Derek and he did a bit of ‘Spotting’ for me as I attempted to improve my 1 x Max Bench Press Lift to the magical 100kgs. After a few lifts of 10kg increases I managed to do the 100kgs lift – not perfect, but enough to lift the weight independently. However, because I didn’t do it properly I did a 2nd lift of 100kgs exactly the same way. Now I know I can lift the weight, I need to improve my technique to complete the lift correctly next time. Either way I was really pleased that I lifted the 100kgs – which isn’t bad for a novice Weight trainer. Well chuffed at achieving a new PB for me.

The 100kgs lift for the first time.

The 100kgs lift for the first time.


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