Rehabilitation – Day 73

Long hard and tiring day today. up and down, up and down I went all day. Managed to have 1 cup of tea all day.

So was time for a quick 70minsat the gym tonight before getting home and chilling. Neil (the knee) was playing up again today – making me hobble around the school as I plodded along doing my many jobs.

But don’t think that I skimped on the exercises because I reduced the training time – Not that sort of bloke. I still went out and increased my speed on the Rowing Machine and a new PB by 12 secs – 2km Rowing, Arms Only in 9mins 29secs (Well chuffed too). Target is to get to 9mins ASAP,

Usual Weights/Reps on the exercises for Upper Body/ABS = getting stronger too. Starting to enjoy the weights a little more now. Can see the difference in my Arms -biceps/triceps. Each time I train I am adding another upper body exercise to improve my strength. Target is the 100kg x 1 Max Lift as soon as possible. (Only 4kgs off it last week.)

Hot Lobster Bath and an early night tonight. Longer day tomorrow so no plans to train which means a ‘Rest Day’ – late night meetings.

Light Training Session - New PB too.

Light Training Session – New PB too.


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