Rehabilitation – Day 72

Sleepless in Seattle comes to mind about my hours in bed last night. Naughty Neil (the knee) was on a roll again, finding it difficult to get comfortable and to get a few hours undisturbed sleep. Think I managed about 3 hours max last night. So all that meant was a long hard day today, even if I was on a whole school INSET Day. the course T4W wasn’t particularly difficult as I was sat down for most of the time, reading or making notes. The problem was not being able to get up and walk around or stretch – as the room was full of about 90 others.

This only reinforced my need to go the gym a little earlier tonight and t5o do a training session with my buddy Derek. We had our usual chat about what we wanted to do in the session and I was whinging about Neil (the knee) playing up – to Derek’s delight!!!  I completed the Upper Body & ABS routines we set and was really struggling to find a comfortable position to stand or get my balance, which if I am honest with my self, did actually hinder my performance.

Afterwards, I came home and made myself a Ham Omelette for my tea, with some salad. That was all I could manage to do before I have seccumbed to having an early night – which is really needed.


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