Rehabilitation – Day 71

Nice lay in this morning, long enough to watch the start of the London Marathon. Lots of incentive to then get up and go the gym to train. After a small breakfast it was ‘BUZZ’ time and the thought of increasing some more weights/reps on the different exercises. I managed a much better sleep last night simply because I was just too tired to let Neil (the knee) prevent me from going to sleep.

At the gym I went into ‘Own World’ mode -listening to #smoothradio and the sounds of the 80’s/90’s. Must admit though, not many ‘upbeat’ tunes to get in the mood with – no Rocky, Eye of the Tiger etc ….  Anyway it didn’t stop me and I did my usual efforts on the Rowing Machine – arms only and beat my time by 19 seconds (about 70m in distances). Then over to the weight machines and the reps increased too. Tend to do 20 reps and 3 sets of the weight, which is hard as I can only use my upper body and ABS. So nearly every exercise is tiring. My session lasted about 90mins before I had to get home to watch the football.

Lunch consisted of a protein shake and a ham salad sandwich, after my pleasant Hot Lobster Bath.

Tonight is a chill time on Claire (the couch) and some TV – on an INSET Day tomorrow so no planning tonight.

Evening meal will be a slow cooked Spicy Chicken, Veg & Sweet Potatoes. May even try to get an early night so that I can watch some TV in bed too.

I wonder if I will be getting a telephone call or a letter from the hospital this week? I hope so.


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