Rehabilitation – Day 70

Things are getting much tougher to do these last few days. Neil (the knee) has been waging war on me for the past 2 days which has been most painful to say the least. School has also noticed I am struggling too and I think they are getting a little concerned. (I just try to play it off as me being tired and hope they don’t start getting too concerned.) I’ve got about 20 days left to last before the tests are over and I can relax a little more – but that is the worry for school. Am I going to be able to last that long or will I get a ‘Short Notice’ phone call from the hospital to go in and have the surgery???

Last night was Neil’s best attempt at stopping me from getting any sleep in bed. I ended up dozing on Claire (the couch) from about 3.00am and that was very uncomfortable too. Hopefully tonight I can actually get in bed and have a sleep!! After resting Neil (the knee) for most of the day I decided that I needed to do some training today – if only a light session. I waited until about an hour or so before the gym closed and then went and did a bit – mainly the Rowing Machine (no legs) at a slightly slower work rate, some upper body weights/reps and ABS work.  Although I feel tired now, I do feel more relaxed than I have been all day.

An early night is the intention, after watching a DVD on Claire (the couch). Going to treat myself to a few sweets and a bag of crisps. Hopefully a good sleep will enable me to train again tomorrow too!


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