Rehabilitation – Day 67

Not much to say about Day 66 (yesterday) other than to say I ended up having another ‘Rest Day’ because Neil (the knee) was not in the best of moods all day in school and I had a bit of a mare with pain. Colleague/friends tried to make life as easy as possible for me, but still Neil (the knee) wasn’t having it. I ended up getting home and going to bed earlier.

As for today, little difference, been limping most of the day and the pain was just tiring me out. A late night with meetings meant that I was going to struggle to get to the gym for my full session. But ‘No pain = No gain’ which forced me to go to the gym and train. Ended up doing the majority of my routine but just a little quicker than usual. No PB’s or increased weights/reps, just do the exercise and move on.

To be fair I did feel much more relaxed afterwards, which was due to the effort I put in and the reward of achieving  something even though I wasn’t really up to going.

Nice pleasant telephone call from Mark McG when I got home – just for a catchup to see what was happening and any further news from the hospital. – Cheers Mark McG – appreciated the call.


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