Rehabilitation – Day 65

Well then I know I name each blog ‘Rehabilitation’ but first of all I need to have some treatment for Neil (the knee) in order to rehabilitate. As those of you that have read any of my previous postings you will know that I have not had any treatment as yet. That has all changed today.

I attended the Consultant appointment today and was examined by the Registrar first and we chattered about how Neil (the knee) had been doing over the past 4 months. We identified (we think) how I sustained the injury to Neil (the knee), slipping over in the snow and hyper-extending the knee backwards. Hence the severe pains in the back of my knee. 25 minutes of twisting, pushing, pulling, bending and every other possible manipulation of Neil (the knee) meant that the Registrar was confident of her diagnosis and the next course of action to be taken. It would be keyhole surgery and the possibility of either trimming the Meniscus Cartilage or stitching it back together. Similarly doing the same to the torn Medial Ligament too. That seemed all find and I had a good old look at the images of my MRI Scan – so powerful to actually see inside my own leg.

Meniscus & Medial ligament/cartilage

Meniscus & Medial ligament/cartilage

I then asked the Registrar if the pain in the back of my knee would ease off or go away. She considered that to be a secondary pain and may be as a result of my hamstring/calf tightness. I completed the consent forms for the surgery and was then sent to go for the PRE-OP to be completed too. The Registrar said she had to speak to the Consultant about the pains in the back of my knee and would get back to me if needed.

During the PRE-OP assessment, the Consultant ‘popped’ his head in and asked me to see him before I left the department. Hmmm seemed a bit strange but hey-ho I’m just the patient. 10 minutes later I was having another chat with the Consultant and again looking at my MRI Scan images. He asked about the pain in the back of my knee, as this wasn’t usual for the injury I had sustained. However, he did say he had a ‘Theory’ and wanted to check it out.   As expected he was right – stop on and straight to the point. He believed that because my knee alignment has off, that the Meniscus Cartilage was caught behind the knee joint and as such was the cause of the pain. There it was in full view, the cartilage sticking out of place and just as he had diagnosed.

The Meniscus cartilage

The Meniscus cartilage

Now this meant a totally different approach to my surgery and the treatment I would need to under go. I would not need to have  my bones drilled into so that the Meniscus Cartilage could be put back in place and my knee re-aligned. This would result in my knee being in a full brace for at least 6 weeks and a recovery of 4-6 months.

knee brace

knee brace

Now that has put paid to my ‘Bucket list’ for this year and the events I had hoped to participate in. I was given some praise though by the Consultant. He did say that my training over the past 6 weeks had been good and should hopefully enable a faster recovery. Especially as I had a ‘High Pain Threshold’ because of what I had gone through so far.

After a short relaxing at home and time to review what I had been told. It was gym time again and my opportunity to have a think about what I wanted to do there. To be on the safe side plus Neil (the knee) was being very much a pain in the knee – wouldn’t you after the manipulation he had endured earlier, I trained with Derek my buddy and we did a ‘Light Session’ for us. Then home and another longer rest as I was feeling quite drained tonight. Not everyday you get told that your injury couldn’t get any worse than it actually was – without needing to be reconstructed.#

So that was the end of my eventful day. I hope now that the ‘Waiting list’ for the surgery is a shorter on and that I get it done soon.


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