Rehabilitation – Day 64

Yesterday was a complete ‘Rest Day’ and I needed the break to relax. Neil (the knee) was just starting to get a bit grumpy so I decided it was time for a rest. I did absolutely nothing all day except chill, rest, watch TV and generally just be a ‘couch potato’ on Claire (the couch).

Today however, was bad to my normal routine of training and getting stuff done. Early session at the gym was required and I managed to complete my jobs so that I could go early. When I got in the gym the usual TEAM GB Ladies are training on the free weights – two young ladies that are Athletics based members of Team GB, They don’t mess about with their training either – straight into whatever their routines was.

For me, I was determined to focus on my biceps today, changing the exercise types to cater for these muscle groups. Lots of Upper body & ABS as usual, but a variety this time. I did struggle with my balance on a few of the exercises. Not being able to push through my legs causes me to be unsteady or to have pain going through Neil (the knee). Better of two evils is to cater for the imbalance by adapting the exercises slightly.

Upperbody Exercises

Upperbody Exercises

Never give up until you finish.

Never give up until you finish.

With a little advice off Mark G today, I was able to complete the new variations of my exercises and felt that I had achieved something today again.

Big Day for me tomorrow, but not building up my hopes too much though. I have an appointment to see the Consultant about my next steps in treatment – confirming whether or not it will be surgery or another form of treatment. So fingers cross, whatever the next step is going to be, it comes quickly enough for me to start my recovery properly. Rather than being in the limbo that I am currently experiencing. To train or not to train. To Run or not to run. Or just ignore everything I’ve been doing for the past 4 months and train harder!!!


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