Rehabilitation – Day 62

I have had a great day today, visited my old mate Peter for a cup of tea & a cream cake. Mind you I did have to earn it with a little bit of manual labour for him. After that we put the world to right with our own version of political requirements for the future. That may not seen strange or funny under the current election campaigns, but we are both probably the most unlikely people to have a political view. Was fun having a right old moan though.

Then it was down to business and the treat of visiting the gym about tea time. No mad challenges to compete with today, just a straight forward training session…… Well if you actually believe that then you don’t really know me then!!! I started off with the usual upper body workout and the abs routines that I have been doing for 6 weeks now. I have been pleasantly surprised at my muscle growth/development in my biceps and the fact that my T-shirts are getting tight across the chest and sleeves. This isn’t something I had actually planned for and I am impressed with myself. Of course the strength has improved so it is common sense that my muscles will also grow – I just didn’t expect it so quickly.

I spoke to Mark G tonight and asked for some other exercises to include in my weights/reps routines – focusing on my biceps in particular. He suggested a few different exercises and I had a little play. What he didn’t say was to replace some of my regular exercises with the alternatives –  hahahaha I just added more exercises and trained longer. #TrainHardOrWhimpOut



So the rest of the night is going to be chill time and resting Neil (the knee) on Claire (the couch) as I think I have earned the right to rest today. TV/Sport followed by a little treat – maybe chocolate or some biscuits? Either way, I am pretty pleased with myself over the past 2 weeks as I have managed my training really well and not angered Neil (the knee) for almost 8 days now. Is that a good thing or a bad one, only time will tell.

Depending on how I feel in the morning, as my arms & shoulders are aching tonight, I may have a ‘Rest Day’ to recover. If not tomorrow then Sunday.



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