Rehabilitation – Day 61

Bit of a lay in bed again this morning before getting sorted for a flying visit to school – even though we are still on holiday. Managed to get my classroom sorted, new seating plan done ready for SATS in a few weeks. The little darlings are in for a shock on Monday when they return.

Then it was my favourite time of the day – Gym Time!!!  Today is Alison’s Circuit Training Class and she always caters for me to do my bit – even if it seems like I get an easier ride from her session. (I don’t and most of my efforts are for Upper body/ABS exercises and I don’t miss any exercises, just adapt them for me.) Do her 45 minutes class isn’t as easy as I pretend it is to the others. I am constantly working hard to do her class and give her the credit she deserves. Hard work = sweaty bodies = tired afterwards. I still go and do some extra training after her class to ensure that I have done my best.

Tonight’s extra challenge was to attempt the 1 off max lift of 100kg which I set myself up for from yesterday. This time after chatting to Mark McG about my attempt, he wanted to come and ‘spot’ for me to prove I actually did or didn’t achieve it. Well the sad thing was that my attempt did fail to achieve the 100kg 1 off max lift – which I was disappointed with. however, I still increased my best from yesterday by an additional 2kg more – 1 off max lift was now 96kg. Mark McG also did identify a further positive for me by pointing out that I had just completed a 45 minutes Upper Body/ABS Class before the attempts.

He concluded by stating the 100kg was very close for me to achieve soon. Thanks Mark McG for that support and also to Derek who also came and ‘spotted’ for me tonight. I am going to give this challenge a rest for a week and see if I can improve my strength in other areas first before attempting the 100kg again.

@RichKnight_ I will succeed at this challenge and aim to go even higher.


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