Rehabilitation – Day 60

Well today was an up early and get things done day. I managed to do some school work and a little bit of meal preparation in the slow cooker – Spicy chicken & sauce for 3/4 meals and some salad and chicken/ham for lunchtimes. I even managed to do a food shop and got some more Steak ready for the weekend – yum yum!!

So to the gym session again today with my training buddy – Derek. He was still a bit poorly so wasn’t 100% with his training but credit to him for turning up and having ago. Plus he did actually do more than he was expecting because that ‘Competitiveness’ element kicked in once we started training together.

Our first focus was to do something different today and see if we could get a new target challenge to aim for over the week. We did a set of one off Bench Press to the Max – starting at 60kg and increasing the weight a little bit after each lift. I managed to get to do up to a max of 94kg for the very first time of trying this activity – that made me feel well chuffed too. Weights has not been my focus over the years of training, I’m more of a cardio trainer if I’m honest. I prefer to challenge myself with Time & Distance & Speed activities to develop my fitness. However,since the onset of Neil’s (the knee)little interruptions, I have had to rely on Mark McG’s routines for upper body exercises to build up my strength and allow me to do any form of training.

To his credit too Mark McG has not left me alone to do whatever I feel like doing. He regularly checks on my progress and my routines to ensure I’m not doing the wrong things or too much. Similarly, his GOODFELLOWS Club members are still training with him and he keeps me in touch with what they are doing too. We share the healthy meals on FB so as to also help motivate us with our meals. Thanks for that too Mark McG.

For the remainder of the session – which I called a ‘Light Session’, but it was far from that if I’m honest…..  Derek & I continued to increase our weights/reps and added a few more exercises. Things are starting to become more obvious in my strength, as I can lift more & heavier weights than I had previously ever tried to do.

A 'Light' Training Session

A ‘Light’ Training Session

The above picture is a glimpse of my daily routines in the gym and some of the achievements I have managed. For a man that struggles with my balance, as I can’t push through my left knee for stability or support, I am really pleased with these. Once I am back into a position to use my legs again I am sure my achievements will only increase. I was able to start back onto my protein shakes tonight and I have missed having these over the past 4 months. Hopefully I can start to use the other vitamins, oats & substitute supplements again soon.


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