Rehabilitation – Day 59

Yeah!!!!!    I did it .. the One Arm/One Leg Press Ups in the gym today – well ok I did sort of 3 of them and got the video evidence from Mark G (Instructor) to prove my ‘Efforts’!!!

I decided that today I was going to have breakfast in bed again and watch a little bit of TV, as it is nearing the end of my 2 weeks holiday. I thoroughly enjoyed the extra time chilling before I got up. Next I then spent a few hours of the afternoon reading a book that I started a long time ago, but never got around to finish off. I surprised myself as I got quite engrossed in it quicker than I thought I would – lots of memories from the HMForces that I could associate with too.

Then it was gym time and my attempt at mastering these one arm/one leg press ups. I did my usual 2km warm up on the Rowing Machine in under 9mins 40secs (arms only), which is getting quite regular now – maybe time to up the work rate on this if I can keep my legs still. After this it was back to the Rear Delts & associated exercises on that machine – including single arm, double arms and a few more to boot. The weights/reps increased again and my Upper Body was feeling quite tired afterwards.

I concluded today’s session with some ABS work – Russian Twists with a 10kg ball, leg raises, knees bent – singles/doubles for both.Now this is a bit of a punishment at the end, because they are not as easy to do.

The final task for me to end with was this One Arm/One Leg Press Up challenge by #RichKnight_ as I have accepted it. Was it too much for me to do at the end of the session or should I have tried before I started my training – soon would find out. Mark G was in the gym office doing his admin work when I asked him if he would watch me do the challenge. He gave me a few tips and then I started the challenge – which he did a video for me. To be fair it was a bit of a giggle and I did manage about 3 of them, of sorts, before collapsing on the floor in a fit of the giggles. Mark G said well done to me and he was impressed at my efforts – lol.

So off I went home and posted the video on my FB account, proudly showing RichKnight_ the evidence of my ‘Efforts’…  Fair comments where posted on my FB page and then RichKnight_ asked me if I could do One Arm Press Ups now? He does know how to wind me up for a challenge, as he posted a video of himself doing the new challenge – quite easily by the looks of it too. I accepted that challenge too, but will attempt it after surgery as I can not get my balance with one leg and it is too much pressure to put through Neil (my knee).

All in all, this past few days have been quite good, as Neil (the knee) hasn’t been grumbling as much recently and I have managed to get out and do some things for myself. I think this might be me getting the last days of freedom done before I see the Consultant on Monday.


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