Rehabilitation – Day 58

A lovely long lay in bed today and it was just what the Doctor ordered. I felt really good when I eventually got up – about 12.15pm, after watching some TV in bed with a cup of tea. (Could get use to this in the future.)

Did a bit of school work and lots of Emails/Tweets/Texts for the afternoon before going to the gym to meet Derek to do a training session. Now Derek wasn’t feeling 100% today so he was being brave and carrying a back injury again, but his competitiveness kicked in as usual – like two old men trying to out do each other – lol.

Now this bit is funny really, both Derek & I aren’t exactly ‘Massive’ in our muscular physique but we do alright when it comes to lighting weights & doing reps. Today we had to wait a little while for one of the machines to be free, so we jumped over to a different upper body exercise. I couldn’t resist watching the rather large muscular male member grunting & groaning on the LATS PULL DOWN exercise as he lifted the ‘Heavy’ weights in sets of 10 reps. (He actually would have made two of me or Derek in is physique.)

When he had finished, over I went to do the same exercise – but using my 10 bricks at 20 reps routine. To my surprise and that of Derek’s too, I was lifting 2 bricks more than him and twice the number of reps. Plus we didn’t make any of the silly sounds. In fact we had a good old ‘Giggle’ at the faces we pulled at each other when we lifted the weights…. So it just goes to show that two old men lifting weights doesn’t necessarily mean we aren’t doing as much as these younger lads.

Anyway, back to my routine tonight – Rowing Machine time for 1km arms only is getting consistently under 4mins 45secs now, so impressed at that for a warm up. The newer exercises for Upper Body & ABS are clearly showing me to be getting stronger too. All I need to do now is build up my Biceps a little more and maybe try more press ups for the challenge.

On a funny note. I can do the 2 arms & 1 leg press ups fairly easily – at the end of the sessions. However, as I am trying to do the 1 arm & 1 leg press up – as challenged by @RichKnight, I get my chest to the floor and then collapse in a heap of laughter. Photos will be taken to show you that I am trying Rich.


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