Rehabilitation – Day 57

Well I had good intentions at the gym today – wanting to improve my Rowing Machine time, but ended up being about 20secs slower. That equates to about 70min distance, which isn’t much, over 2km but is a long way for me. So that was an epic fail for that exercise. Mind you I am still doing a good time for ‘Arms Only’ and would be good enough to beat quite a few of the other members using Arms & Legs.

So I refocused on the weights and looked at increasing the number of reps for each weight lifted. Now this I did increase and made a good effort at improving them. Rear Delts, Front lifts, Single Arm Tricep exercises all improved. I even attempted the one arm/one leg press ups again – shh!! another fail. But two arms/one leg are getting better.

The challenge for me at the moment is to increase my max weight lifts by increasing the weights/reps for slightly lighter weights – which I am doing. But it doesn’t seem to be increasing fast enough for me…..  I can see/feel the difference in my arms/shoulders/chest, especially when I wear my normal shirts. They are feeling tighter than they used to be so I am slowly building up muscle mass in my upper body. The ABS work is also improving, along with the leg raises/Russian Twists. These are more tiring than previously, as I also increase the reps for them.

Finally, the weight loss is going to start to kick in more as I start to eat more healthier again. Gone are the days of me pigging out on the sweeties and just being a lazy bones for cooking meals. All this exercise has enabled me to evaluate my current situation and to think about after surgery and how hard it will be if I don’t start now. It may only be a matter of weeks before I become less mobile and more dependent on crutches for a period.

Hopefully the efforts I have been putting in over the past 6 weeks are going to pay off in speeding up my recovery quicker. I will still be looking to train, even if on crutches for a few weeks – most definitely no leg work.


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