Rehabilitation – Day 55

When I woke up this morning I was a little bit confused and concerned too. Had I actually slept through the night without waking up to the grumbling of Neil (the knee) or was I still asleep and dreaming that I had had a good night’s sleep. The time on the clock was 10.33am and I could hear the ‘Environmental Refuse collectors’ outside – you ordinary folk they are the ‘Binmen’.

For the next 10 minutes or so I just lay in bed, focusing on my morning stretching exercises -wiggling my toes and stretching my hamstring/calf muscles, as directed by the Psycho-Terrorists. Something felt really strange as I was doing them, no pain, no aching or even any stiffness in Neil (the knee). This was the concern. Had I caused any further damage last night when I twisted Neil (the knee) the wrong way??

Time to get up and see if I was to enrage the wrath of Neil (the knee) by standing up and putting weight on him. But no, nothing at all. Neil (the knee) was simply allowing me to bare some weight without any reaction. That didn’t mean that I was going to jump up and down and play silly beggars. Instead I took my time and rested for the remainder of the day too – a rest from any running around wouldn’t harm me today.

I spent the afternoon chilling on Claire (the couch) watching an old Black & White Movie from the 1950’s. Felt good just to relax and I think it was also a change for Neil (the knee) too.

Come teatime I was feeling a little bit cheated out of my gym session today, no excuse not to train came to mind. Neil (the knee) had behaved today and I was feeling much happier than last night. I decided to go to the gym and try some different exercises for a change – still upper body work, but using different exercise machines & weights/reps.

I decided to test Neil (the knee) on the Treadmill – walking for 2km in 18mins 40 seconds – the pace varying from ‘Baby Crawl’ (3.3 speed) through to a ‘fast walk’ (8.0). This was just about the point when Neil (the knee) was starting to wake up, getting a bit tetchy and letting me know he wasn’t happy. Stopped instantly and went over to the other exercise machines. Now this was going to be a bigger challenge for me as I was feeling pretty strong in the upper body and I wanted to improve my strength & technique. For the next 50 minutes I varied my arms/shoulders & ABS with a range of weights/reps. I did ask Mark G for a little bit of advice on a few of the exercises, as I kept catching my biceps/shoulders on the machine when pulling/pushing through the exercise. He simply told me to change the angle of the exercise and to carry on – which worked perfectly. I did improve on one of the exercises for triceps from 35lbs to 55lbs for 3 sets of 20 reps. That did please me too.

Then it was time for my home made tea – Jacket Potato with Spicy Chicken and sauce – tasted as nice as it sounds too.


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