Rehabilitation – Day 54

What a good day I was having today. Lots of cool sunshine and plenty of time to chill outside.

I went to the gym tonight to participate in Alison’s Circuit Training Class. Does look quite funny when the others are doing the exercises properly and then I adapt them to cater for not using my legs. Bet some of them really think I am just skiving!!

Doing 45minutes of upper body & ABS work is very tiring, even if I do pretend to Alison that it was easy. Not a chance!!! Then I go and do a short session on the weights and my current favourite exercise – the Rowing Machine. A 2km sprint – arms only in 9mins 41 secs was enough for me tonight.

A family member RICH, also a fitness freak, sent me a video of him doing one armed/one legged press ups. In my mind that was a challenge. One that was in reality a challenge too far at the moment. I managed 2 arms/1 leg press ups, but kept losing my balance on my bad knee – Neil (the knee) didn’t like doing those. So for now it is a challenge that I will try and upgrade on to in the future.

The best part of today was preparing my meals for the next few days, using the slow cooker. For tea tonight it was Sweet Potato, mixed Veg and Spicy Chicken in sauce … very nice in deed even if I do say so myself. After my usual Lobster Bath I have been sitting on Claire (the couch) watching TV.

Now for the dozy bit.

My phone was on the arm of the couch when I nudged it off by accident. In an attempt to catch it I jumped up quickly and twisted Neil (the knee). The pain was instant and excruciating, bringing tears to my eyes. A muffled scream could be heard as I grabbed the cushion to mask my outburst. So I think tomorrow has been pre-sorted for me  –  a Rest Day.


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