Rehabilitation – Day 53

What a good day today has been and a feeling of achievement I have with my activities.

First of all I went and had a few hours chilling in the local shopping area – looking to catch some of the beautiful sunshine we have had today. The local park was very busy with ‘Little People’ (Toddlers) playing on the swings and feeding the ducks in the pond. A bit too busy for me I thought, as they ran around the benches.

Next it was time to spend some time composing a letter to my Doctor’s Patient Group, outlining my concerns at the processes being followed and the utter and complete waste of time going to the CATS/Physio Dept has been – a better use of the past 3 months would have been me building up my knee/leg muscles ready for surgery. That has now been sent and I am just going to sit back and await their response.

Then it was time for the gym and meeting up with my training buddy from the gym – Derek (Alison’s Dad), whom I’ve known for nearly 28yrs. Now Derek has had a few minor injuries so he has not been able to train as much this past few weeks, so we keep missing each other when at the gym. But today was different…..

The competitive spirit was there again – he & I both hate being beaten and we trained to max as usual. However, after he left I did my usual ‘Extras’ to ensure I did make more progress again today. We raced each other of the Rowing Machine – me Arms Only and Derek Arms/Legs. I won of course and he did well too. I did 2km in 9mins 27secs which is a new PB on the time/distance – so well pleased.

Tonight it is time for the football on TV with a couple of my mates coming to visit – and shout, drink swear, scream etc …  which usually annoys the neighbours, but we don’t care either.


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