Rehabilitation – Day 52

Well today didn’t go as planned at all.

First of all I was up at 4.30am with Neil (the knee) grumbling all night, ended up having a cup of tea and watching the early morning news on TV until I fell back asleep. Then it was up and out to drive to the local hospital in the fog – not really a pleasant drive either.

On arrival at the Physio Department I sat patiently and waited to be called in for my 9.00am appointment. On the dot I was called in by the physio and he asked if I had been given a date with the Consultant – which I informed him was in 13 days time. ‘Great‘ he replied and then advised me that I would be signed off him and then back on in a few weeks time when I have had the surgery. I was flabbergasted by this as I actually have not had ANY physio yet because the 1st appointment I had 7 weeks ago he couldn’t treat me until after the MRI. Now today because I had a confirmed injury which will require surgery – he can’t treat me. As I was leaving he did say ‘You look like you are really in pain. Do you want crutches?” I replied “No thanks I’ve managed for the 4 months.” Leaving in a less than happy mood. The total time for this appointment was 6 minutes.

So after a few hours to calm down I went to the gym for my ‘Gentle’ session. Well ‘Gentle’ would be the wrong word to describe it. I had a quick chat with Alison from the gym and asked her to take a few photographs for me on the different exercise machines. I was in no fit state still to ‘play‘ at exercising.

I went on the Rowing Machine and beat the previous best time for 4km by over 50 seconds and made sure that I took a photograph too. This is most definitely a quick way of burning off extra calories quickly.


Then I went on the other exercise machines and did the same – beast myself until I was too tired to do anymore….


Tricep Ext


My version of Rear Delts

Lat Pull Down

Lat Pull Down

Russian Twists - 10kg ball

Russian Twists – 10kg ball

And finally I was shattered.

Shattered after 90mins training

Shattered after 90mins training

I felt proud to wear my Invictus Games T-Shirt at the gym tonight. Training hard and getting good results. Would also like to thank Alison too for taking the photos despite her also being injured.

Tonight, after my Lobster Bath – I will be taking grumpy Neil (the knee) to bed much earlier than usual because I am really shattered. I may just even go to bed and watch a little bit of TV and fall asleep.


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