Rehabilitation – Day 51

After such a peaceful & restful day yesterday it was back to the normal routine of Gym & Lobster Baths today. I must admit that I did enjoy chilling and relaxing without feeling guilty.

The gym session today was to focus on increasing my distance on the Rowing Machine to 6km and recording a time. As this would be the first time I have worked to reach this distance I was calculating around 31-32mins would be a good time for me – still using Arms Only. The challenge was set and Mark G was going to video my technique for me so that I could try and improve it and thereby increase my attainment of Time & Distance in the future. No excuses for today, I managed it in 31mins 50secs, which on reflection wasn’t too bad. I did feel slightly disappointed at the end of it, as I was aiming for nearer to 31 minutes.

After a short cooling down and some water, as the gym was quite hot inside, I went about my weight training/upper body exercises as usual. No attempts to increase the weights/reps today as the rowing really did take it out of my arms.I felt a little bit like I was trying to lift the heaviest weights in the world, even though the weights where my normal levels.

Then home to my second favourite activity of the Lobster Bath and chilling on Claire (the couch), whilst watching the Sport today. Neil (the knee) however wasn’t playing about today – no aches or pains whilst exercising in the gym. The stretching however, and whilst in bed last night are a different matter. Neil (the knee) was a right little monkey – groaning and creaking through the night. I even had to get up to go for a walk to try and ease the stiffness – didn’t work and watching the News at 3.30am isn’t the most relaxing of activities. Hopefully tonight I will get a better sleep.

Tomorrow morning is the next appointment with the ‘Psycho-Terrorist’ and the little activity of twisting and bending my leg/knee into unusual positions. This is in the name of rehabilitation apparently.


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