Rehabilitation – Day 49

Cool day today – up early to the gym and another attempt at improving my achievements this week. Dave from the gym was able to give me a few hints at events I could still possibly try to do, even though I am still injured and waiting to find out if I need surgery. Instead of looking at the usual Run, Bike or Swim activities – I could looked at the adapted events for now. That way I still stay competitive, but without hurting or injuring myself further.

The aim of today’s gym session was to try and beat my 5km Rowing Machine from yesterday – which I did by 9 seconds, but I did not get under the 25 minutes target. I did the 5km today in 25 mins 06 secs – which is close enough for this week’s efforts. That is a total of 84 seconds knocked off in 4 days. My next door neighbour John, is a rowing veteran and he said he had never tried doing 5km arms only and that he would have been very pleased with the time using both arms & legs. (That made me feel really good – thanks John.) I have uploaded a video of my rowing technique that shows you that I do not use my legs.

Neil (the knee) has new clothes

Neil (the knee) has new clothes

The rest of the session was the usual weights/reps all for Upper Body & ABS that I have been continuing to do for the past 5 weeks. Gradually increasing the number of reps and the heavier weights. I also want to thank Mark M from the gym for setting me the routines, as I am sure that without them I would just be going to the gym and working aimlessly.

Under Amour gives you Muscles!!!

Under Amour gives you Muscles!!!

Training Mode

Training Mode

Now that I have completed today’s training I am going to have a lovely quiet and relaxing afternoon with Claire (the couch) and chill. The weather forecast isn’t too clever so it would be best to stay in and keep warm and dry.

Today is my final day of LENT – Day 46.  I know LENT is usually only 40 days, but I also include Sundays too – hence the 46 days in total.


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