Rehabilitation – Day 48

I did something today that I’ve not done in quite a few years and I thoroughly enjoyed it too. I had a much needed lay in bed this morning and when I eventually woke up – about 10.00a, I decided I was going to have my breakfast in bed. So I got up, made breakfast and a mug of tea and went back to bed. I ended up watching some TV as I just chilled in bed and it felt really good to do. Eventually I managed to get up for a shower about 1.15pm and boy did I feel great.

After a quick tidy up in the house, washing on, lunch made and a bit more TV, I got sorted ready to go to the gym – Good Friday hours meant it was closing a little bit earlier today so I had to also go early. Let’s just say that once I got to the gym, ‘others’ decided to have their own rest day today. Darren (the instructor) & one other member where in the gym when I got there.

So today I was going to try to improve my performance from yesterday’s session. The dreaded Rowing Machine was going to get punished again, as I attempted to improve/beat the time/distance. It was time for my ‘Game Face’ to go on. The one you pull when you know it’s going to hurt but you still do it….. Yeah… been there done that before!! a little over 25minutes later I had completed my first part of the training – a 5km Rowing Session – arms Only – in 25 minutes 15 seconds. That was good news as I had knocked off 75 seconds and rowed further. Well impressed with myself.

Tiring wasn’t the word afterwards either, my arms felt like jelly and my breathing was showing signs that I had actually worked hard today – a few minutes later and about a litre of water later I was recovered enough to do the usual routine of Upper Body weights/reps. Lat Pull Downs, Incline Dumbbells, Rear Deltoids and Russian Twists made my session complete. Then off home for another shower – not a Lobster Bath today, before I cooked my ‘Fish’ meal for Good Friday.

Now tonight I am chilling on Claire (the couch) resting Neil (the knee) as I watch TV – plus getting messages off SEP as she struggles to get over her hangover… funny!!!

Finally – one more day of LENT left and I can say another successful year completed.


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