Rehabilitation – Day 47

No gym last night as I had too much to do for school and some destressing with my new hobby of cake making – which chills me when I can’t train. I managed to get to back about 01.30am after winding down enough to sleep.

Today was a very long day too, with a 3 hour meeting first thing followed by other #NoFun things to finish off before enjoying the Easter Holidays. I celebrated by entering into the realms of ‘Alison’s Circuit Training Sessions’ at the gym and completing about 40 minutes of the Class. Lots of upper body exercises and leg work to tire my out – Thanks Alison.

I concluded the routine by completing 4km on the Rowing Machine again -in a time of 21 minutes 50 seconds, which was a bit slower than I would have liked, but still not a bad time for the exercise – Arms ONLY!! A quick shower and then time for my cooked tea – an omelette, then shower and chill on Claire (the couch.)  Now Neil has been fairly good today, only starting to ache near the end of the 4km on the rower.

The best thing about today is that I can have a long lay-in tomorrow morning as I am now officially on Easter Break….. RESULT!!!

LENT – has 2 days to go before it is over again for another year. Yet again I have managed to survive the fully period with out breaking my list of ‘Giving up’ items.


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